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Quicken vs Browser Guard


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The only way we can track this down is for you to provide logs from Browser Guard which will hopefully show the error.  Browser Guard makes huge logs, so we must go through a process which reproduces the error and creates logs which you can send to me.  This will require a new browser session so new logs can be started, limiting browser activity so that new log entries from anything else are minimized, and for you to go through the steps.

  1. Begin by exiting Quicken's browser-based app
  2. Close your browser ... this causes the existing log to be closed
  3. Open your browser ... this causes a new log to be started
  4. Go to your Quicken browser app and reproduce the error.  AS SOON AS YOU REPRODUCE THE ERROR, STOP!
  5. Download the Browser Guard debug log, using the steps I have highlighted in the two screenshots attached to this post
  6. Send the debug log to me ... it will be in your \Downloads folder, and will have the extension JSONL

Once I receive the logs, I can look for the source of the error.  If there is anything confidential or proprietary in the log, you may wish to send them to me in a private message rather than posting them on the forums.




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Gonzo (Michael):

Thank you for your response.   I am trying to replicate the problem with no success so far. Things I have done:

1. Reactivated Browser Guard on on all three browsers.
2. Started Quicken application on CPU.
3. Downloaded transactions from accounts (had to reset accounts)
4,  Have run out of accounts to download with no problems

I will have to wait a couple of weeks to try again.  Maybe the problem was with Quicken all along?  Not sure.  Contact you in a couple of weeks once I try again


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Silent blocks (such as these) are more challenging, as you do not get a clear program indication of the actions, only that something which should have happened did not.  Please keep my instructions for reference, as an error of this type will require the supporting materials for the repair.

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