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Ransomware turned all my files into ".nobu"

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So I woke up today and my PC was all messed up.

It seems some ransomware has turned all my files into ".nobu" and I got a txt file in all my folders (written in broken english) with a ransom note telling me all my data is asking me to pay $980 for a decryption software to get my files back to normal. But lucky me, I got a 50% discount if I buy it within the first 72 hours... Hahah, I thought that was kinda funny... Anyway, the message continues with two emails and a personal ID code (containing 49 characters).

I did a quick search and found no information about this kind of ".nobu" ransomware. So I started experimenting, I found out that if I just remove the .nobu extension from my files, they turn back to normal and I'm able to use them again.

The thing is, I had a external HD connected when all this happened, and I have a ton of work stored on there. And I'm a bit worried that if I connect it to another PC to start cleaning up the files, it will spread the ransomware to my other PCs.. Is this possible..? Or am I just too cautious..?

Also, my web browser seems to be effected by this as well. It keeps popping up with spam and all sorts of weird stuff is happening. So the ransomware seems to be active/still spreading somehow.

Anyway, I was hoping somebody on here would be able to help me out with some more information about what to do, or how this malware spreads or operates. I was thinking of just doing a backup of all my data and format the whole PC. What do you guys think?


Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Thank you for helping!

But when I try decrypting my files with the "STOP Djvu" software I get this error message on all files:

Error: No key for New Variant online ID: UMxKWCt3ZhBU8CPXdPsZ8IDzZxzXMI12EUMDqGQN
Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible

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Glad we could help.

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Thank you



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