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Functions missing or not obeying


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Browser Guard would not Pause last night, no changes after Removing from FF 83.0, No changes after Undo  from about:addons. Removed again. Reinstalled from the Mozilla add-on page and after 2 -3 x's of a Firefox restart it worked fine again.  This AM the newer version or ?? installed and gave me the Welcome Tp and enter Email.  Ok, No working fine but I wanted to check something hit the Pause Button and now the Pause Button is missing.  Protection For This Site Options will not take nor Globally as I run all but the Ads/Trackers as I have others that do such like, Norton Safe Web, Ublock Origin, Privacy Possum and Privacy Badger.

So something is wiping out the Pause Button and Protection Options per page & Globally.     All the above worked in perfect harmony before.  Is a file being obliterated that holds those things by Norton Utilities Premium 2020 and or by once in a blue moon hand run of Wise Care 365 (disabled from doing anything by it self), and location of that file to check on it and or whitelist/exclude it.  Or is it just crashing out those functions and if so ??


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Hi, well after a few FF restarts over the course of the day. I have been persistent at going over the Global Setting to Turn Off Ads / Trackers.  A chore and no idea why it was not taking.

Again being a facetious a-- about the Pause/Resume. Yes my panel looks like that.

The Pause/Resume is in a totally inadequate place as a Browser Extension.  It is alright in MBAM full program to have Settings altogether on a separate page but for a Browser really stupid. It needs to be there upon open of Browser Guard not another click down from a tiny Settings Icon. 

People use Browsers so this is in a unuseful location as well as it being a slide bar look.    Browsers/Browser Extensions/add-ons are not used the same as a full program.  Suggest moving to the 1st Click/Main Open and do something with the look like how about checking Ublock Origon out. Practical, useful and fast to do what I want and it is also not like your lacking space to move to there.

Ok, sorry got into a feature request after initial issues resolved themselves.  Thanks.


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Thanks for your input.  Browser Guard is a work in progress (as we all are). It gets better thanks to input from users who can share the issues encountered and the reasons behind them.  Of course, there are no guarantees that the product will evolve in the manner desired, but it does have a better chance thanks to your input.

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