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iPhone activations are IN ADDITION to purchasing for MAC devices? Yes or No

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I've turned to the forums for perhaps a "simple" answer. I have been paying for "up to three devices" since January. We just recently got iPhones. I went to my account, that says "1 of 3" devices which I have been paying for. I THOUGHT I had the laptop covered for the last ten months. So, much to my surprise, it has been running the FREE level since purchasing it in March. Okay, whatev ... so, I added it a few minutes ago. Supposedly (the laptop does say premium now but the read out still says 1 of 3. Okay. 

However ... here's my question that I can't get an answer to. Are iPhones or iOS devices in addition? Can I add my iPAD as the additional device? Or, is this the hidden asterisk...? 

Okay, only $12/yr minus a penny for the phones, but where is the footnote or asterisk on the site that states "Androids, phones, cellphones, iphones, ipads, tablets" don't count as a device? 

And if I'm incorrect, then how do I get the iOS download to work? I first had to wade thru the "do you want to download for windows?" NO! And found the hidden download for the iOS. DID that, attempt to activate, website opens and asks me if I want to upgrade for $12. minus a penny. So, is that the clue? Instead of the pop up that would say, "NO. You have to pay extra even though we tell you you can have up to three devices (ASTERISK). Or, is there no way to get there from here. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Hello  @Tuckerdognc and :welcome:

Malwarebytes for iOS licenses for use on all Apple iOS devices may only be purchased through Apple's App Store.

To insure the highest download integrity, it is best if you also download the notarized Malwarebytes for iOS app through the Apple App Store.


Q. Are iPhones or iOS devices in addition? Can I add my iPAD as the additional device?

A. Malwarebytes licenses for Apple's iOS devices are not bundled with any other Malwarebytes licenses.  In this regard all iOS devices are the same.

Reference: Malwarebytes for iOS FAQs

Additional documents and video: Support Documents -> Then scroll down to Malwarebytes for iOS.


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Hello there. I'm somewhat in the same boat. I bought MWB antivirus and privacy premium for my PC, seeing that it included up to 5 devices. Are you saying that my Iphone is not considered a valid extra device? If so, what meaning does the word "premium" hold? Or for that matter, how are you defining a "device." I hope this is not the case.

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24 minutes ago, nointernet said:

Are you saying that my Iphone is not considered a valid extra device?

Malwarebytes for iPhone has to be purchased separately from the apple store.  You can thank Apple for that.


Q: What is iOS?

iOS is the operating system on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. This is a different system from macOS, which runs on Macintosh computers.

Q: I purchased a license to cover my computers. Can I also use this license on iOS?

A: No. Unfortunately, Apple will not allow purchase of our app outside the App Store. The licenses purchased from our website can only be used on Mac, Windows and Android devices. For more information, see: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038521074-Purchase-Malwarebytes-Premium-subscription-for-iOS-devices



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