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Adware.OperatorMac not blocked by Malwarebytes

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My default browser in Safari is Google. Since yesterday my browser has continually re-directed to Yahoo. I installed Malwarebytes (free 14 day trial) which detected (the dreaded) 'Adware.OperatorMac' problem.

I quarantined the adware, but the problem just persists (re-directs to Yahoo) I continue to re-run Malwarebytes, which simply re-detects & re-quarantines the adware, but does not prevent or resolve the problem.

I am currently on Catalina 10.15.7

Any help appreciated as this is driving me nuts, please note I am only basic comp tech savvy

Thanks in advance

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I think you meant to say your default search engine in Safari is Google. When Malwarebytes finds and removes adware on your Mac, you often need to reset settings that the adware has changed, since that's not something Apple allows Malwarebytes to do. To accomplish that, please check this pinned article at the top of this forum 

I also recommend that you trash everything that Malwarebytes moved into Quarantine.

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I went to ~Library/Application Support found a few "com." directories that had the same name as the quarantined items.  Some of them contained executables.  2 of them were created by root :-( but I was able to delete them with "sudo rm" and then the Preferences file.  I hope this helps.  I'll report back it pops back up tomorrow..


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