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Accidentally clicked on a site on Mobile.

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Hello, I was looking something up on my phone and ended up accidentally clicking on a site that I did not mean to visit.

I'd like to think that its a fairly known site? I still want a second opinion though on this, google safe browse determined it as malicious and that it tries to install anything bad, other scanning sites have marked it as safe.

Now I don't know if Safe browse blocked it for me, I clicked right away once I was in the loading phase, its still in the history tab, but I doubt that means anything.


(bottom link is the exact link i clicked on, just to be sure)

Its also related to StackExchange, another site that should be fine.


Malwarebytes came out clean, so did Kaspersky, no new apps (or files) came along I think, phone should still be unrooted, but hey... always better safe than sorry, right?

Hopefully I'm posting in the right place for it, I don't know if any specific investigations will be done.

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Hello, sorry for the bump if nobody has the time for it, but I am still curious if this site is actually malicious or not? The Chrome safeweb verdict is just making me nervous. I can't tell if they're just talking about it being unsafe to download anything from or if the site downloads something on the device with a drive by download, if that's even possible on android.

Maybe some of you already know it and even use it, I guess I just wanna be sure about it.

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If all you mean is the actual site, then the site is safe. Perhaps some Ad from the site popped up that Google didn't like?

0/82 on VT




Sucuri finds nothing wrong with the site either.


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Hi JorgeBon,

The site looks safe to me and no payloads were dropped. On Android you won't get the file injections or other buffer overflow type behaviors you will see with Window's browsers. Yes, typically an APK or app will need to be installed for the malware to get installed or dropped. There are no 'viruses,' as such, on Android.

To protect yourself from apps being installed from a browser or some third party, ensure you have "Install from Unknown Sources', 'Install unknown apps' or similar wording disabled in Android Settings.


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