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win7 iso etc


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Deciding to go for win 7 multiboot, stuck with issues.

- First of all couldn;t get the iso for win 7, since the original key was for OEM, MS redirected to check with maufacturer and it's more than a decade old purchase, so tried to go with some copy available with me and while trying to copy the file in hdd to usb (simple copy - no boot creation) the system ports corrupted the new usb drive (jjust a normal file transfer caused the issue, probably need to change the usb ports) and the usb drive is not showing up at all. is there anyway to recover the drive?

- where to get the iso for win 7? any suggestions?

- Also, the system fan is noisy (could it be due to any dust and any clean up will take care of it?) and fear it could give way anytime. any suggestions?


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  • Root Admin

If you have a valid retail product activation key you can download the ISO image directly from Microsoft. The OEM license keys cannot be used.



Try the USB stick on another computer and try formatting it


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Tks. Ron.I do hv a valid OEM key (pre-installed OS with the system) and iso is the issue. and the USB drive seems to hv irretrivably broken down and the ports the culprit (even when I connect any kBD etc. in the port, sometime it works,sometimes it doesn't). so ports are the problem. I'm planning to get the ports replaced and the fan issue along with it. Only left is the iso to create a boot drive. If you do hv it would be glad to go for it. tks again.

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