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Apple security hampers detection of unwanted programs: a request about this

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I read your last article Apple security hampers detection of unwanted programs
Exhaustive and clear as usual

Obviously we all understood what is the PUP software that uses the new framework ENDPOINT SECURITY 


In one case, the PUP in question is the most hated PUP by Mac IT admins and Mac tech shops everywhere, and was the subject of two separate class action lawsuits alleging fraudulent behavior.

Sites that even mention it are on my exclusion list

What I would ask, if you could, is to explain in a pinned post at the top of this forum or with a second episode of the above mentioned article what could be the remedy for a user struggling with one of this software installed (this is not my case, at least currently or that I know of - surely there is not the one mentioned although anonymously, and I hope it never is) given the perspectives mentioned in the article in addition to the formatting of the Mac (which is obviously the extrema ratio) if a different solution exists (I think of those software that do not want to be uninstalled in any way)

Thanks in advance

Have a nice day


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I'm not quite sure what you are after here. Recent versions of MacKeeper have provided for complete removal by an admin user through simply quitting and dragging the application to the trash then confirming the desire to uninstall. Complete instructions can be found at https://mackeeper.com/uninstall_mackeeper/. The MAS versions should be even easier to uninstall from LaunchPad.

What the article is getting at is that accomplishing those steps by anti-malware utilities has been exceedingly complicated by Apple since Catalina. I suspect that developers will come up with a different approach to removal than the common approach used to date. Something like a script with admin privileges moving the app to the trash and agreeing to the uninstall process. Or actually implementing the uninstall process with a script that is identical to the one internal to MacKeeper, but that would require a lot of monitoring to ensure it continue to work with new versions which I suspect would be designed to thwart what anti-malware utilities are attempting. Time will tell.

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10 minutes ago, MAXBAR1 said:

Given MacKeeper's history, let's say that trust is also below zero that any proprietary uninstall procedures will clean the Mac properly

I have verified it for myself once and I know of others that have also done so.

The same approach would have to take place with all such PUP's that elect to use protected System Extensions or any other installation method that results in protection from the macOS. Individual approaches for each such app would be necessary for complete removal. Whether it is worth the effort in the case of PUP's is something the developer needs to figure out for themselves.

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