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License Renewal Error

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Hi MarkS01,

I'm curious about whether you have resolved this yet.  I've had the same issue since my account renewed on 11/13/2020.  Two of the three computers I have Malwarebytes Premium on show the account status, in the Malwarebytes application, as "Expired - Temporarily Extended, Update Payment Information", even though my credit card was successfully charged. The third computer shows the account status as "Automatically renews in 355 days". My account info on the Malwarebytes website shows that the account doesn't renew again until 11/13/2021.

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling a couple times, once with the support tool, once without because I was concerned that a file was being backed up that had the account status info in it, but neither method made a difference.  I did open support ticket #3268708 for this issue, but so far the only response I've seen is from Nick in support, asking if I still required assistance. I replied "Yes" four days ago, but have seen nothing since.



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Thanks. I did get a response from Nick in support after your request. He asked that I deactivate/activate all three of my devices, and respond to him with the results.

Now all three devices have the "Expired - Temporarily Extended" error, rather than just two of the three having the error.  Seems like there's a problem with the license key to me. Like the process that renews the key after a successful auto-renewal failed. Guess I'll be waiting to hear back from Nick.

Thanks again.

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Can someone ping support for me on this issue? It's going on a month now, since my account renewed, and my credit card was billed successfully, and yet Malwarebytes Premium is  still showing "Expired - Temporarily Extended" on my three devices(actually it's deactivated on all three, at the request of tech support). I understand  that they are busy, but I paid for a year of coverage, not 11 months.

It doesn't seem like it should take this long to resolve this issue, especially since I see posts from other users on this forum that  have had the same issue, and it's apparently been resolved.

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