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Please STOP with the Malware.AI false positives!


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I need a way to disable the "Malware.AI" category of detections and/or quarantines. I can get up to a dozen false-positive "Malware.AI" detections/quarantines that I have to go (a) Unquarantine; and (b) Create an exclusion for.

(Side note: Please, when I am un-quarantining something, can you PLEASE ask me if I want to create an exclusion at the same time????)

These "Malware.AI" detections are catching things, that in many cases, are fairly well-known Microsoft or Windows components (see below or attached for an AI quarantine of a Microsoft Silverlight component).  Or they are just simply quarantining things because they don't recognize it, which is unacceptable.  We are a software testing house, among other things, and we use A LOT of programs that are "rare" and that keep getting captured by "Malware.AI" simply because they are not recognized as safe.

I am getting so tired of this multi-step process to unquarantine and exclude things that should have never been "detected" in the first place. I have to stay on top of this CONSTANTLY or it could wind up crippling a key component of our business.

So I repeat: HELP!!!! How can I disable "Malware.AI" quarantines?  Can't I configure it to just WARN on "Malware.AI" detections but never quarantine?  Something -- please give me something, it's driving me crazy!







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