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False Positive - scotlink.eaction.online

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Hi, I've been notified that you currently block traffic to https://scotlink.eaction.online - which I believe to be a false positive. Can you investigate / remove the block and if possible, let me know why it was triggered?

As this is a platform that hosts petitions etc. in some cases those who take a differing view have maliciously reported the service as a security risk, in which case I'd ask that you white-label the site.

Many thanks,


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4 hours ago, BenS said:

and if possible, let me know why it was triggered?

While we wait for staff. A note on Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)

Non-standard TLD's (biz/cc/info/xyz/online and so on) are commonly used for malicious purposes.  Malwarebytes err on the side of caution to assure that we are protecting our users. If our users encounter a block, they report it (as you did), it gets tested, and if it is determined to be safe, it gets whitelisted.

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