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Hi can anybody help? I have a Lojax style breach. I feel it is someone who has access to my property, installed it on one PC. The PC appeared to switched off, however it was switched on and the hacker set up the network card to accept, wake on request. That is one clue, as I had checked the driver for this feature to be switched off. This console gives the user full access to your PC, with a whole range of Microsoft software to hack you with, with no detection.

No Anti virus product, even MalwareBytes, is aware of its presence. If you look around, you will see the MANY extra services and drivers, with the rights in place for NO removal. As with all these parasitical hacks, its eats into your security. Damaging as it goes. Yes those Profile and Profile svr messages could be a sign this root kit is in the background. I recently got a glimpse of its low level presence using a change of permissions, yes it can control your admin permissions. I used a directional scripted run of TDSSKiller. The root kit revealed it self and was quarantined. However checking back later the root kit was back. Even if you re-set your safe boot keys and install of a DVD, this root kit survives. I am disabled through a stroke and house bound, so I hope the PC is not for the scrap heap. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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5 minutes ago, Infiniteplayer said:

Hi can anybody help?

Is this a business computer or just a consumer use computer? are you running Malwarebytes business products?

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