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What are the logics of a malware programmer ???


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I know this is a general chat section. But I have a little malware related question..!! :D

What is the logic behind making malware..?

I mean what type of pleasure a malware programmer can get by infecting PC of someone they even don't know..!! what is their profit..? it would be understandable if malware could be make for the fulfilment of some political or economical or personal reason. but why just distributing it freely in the internet..?? Don't they have any job..??

Can anyone answer my query ..?

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Greetings :D .

The primary motivational factor behind the creators of malicious software is MONEY. Malware is used to steal passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other sensitive data. It is also used to control the millions of infected computers and use them as data harvesting drones or bots, which can be used for everything from sending spam emails for the profit of the botmaster that controls them to denial of service attacks on web sites wherein they have many computers access a server simultaneously to block all other traffic from accessing the website, either to hold the site for ransom or for other purposes, such as political agendas. A popular modern infection type known as rogue software is a piece of malware that installs itself on a user's system, usually after either scaring them into believing they're already infected and pretending to be a legitimate cure for their problem, or without their consent. They use scare tactics to convince the user to purchase their product with the promise that it will clean their system of the infections that were actually put there by either the rogue security software itself, it's creators or one of its reseller affiliates who are trying to sell more licenses for the software to reap the profits.

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Different types of malware do different things, but the bottom line for it is to make money (be it through stealing your identity, turning your computer into a zombie, stealing your passwords, getting into your bank accounts etc etc).

Edit - oops, exile360 beat me to it with a more comprehensive explanation. :D Welcome to the MBAM forum, by the way.

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Just to add in;

Sometimes people like a challenge, just to see if they can code it and get it out in the wild.

While certainly true, that's primarily how the virus writers started long long ago in the infancy of computers. That's seldom the purpose these days, especially considering what most malware does. It's not just about getting in, replicating and spreading. They're taking control of computers that are infected (botnets), connecting to servers and uploading information (data harvesting), and trying to convince people to buy fake software (rogues). I've not seen many over the past several years that had any purpose aside from that, and they all come down to money. I'm sure there are still some hobbiests that do it strictly for the challenge, but if they're creating a botnet and selling it off to the highest bidder, bragging rights cease to be the primary motivation, at that point it's all about the money :) .

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