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Options to end task on Malwarebytes

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With the old system, we at least had more options on end users PCs to do things and bring up menus. 
Now with the new cloud function, I only have the option to scan for threats, or view that a scan is in progress.

Am I missing an option or is there a way to bring up a menu to view the specs of it.
Also an option to close down Malwarebytes if we want to temporarily stop running the software without un-installing it.


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If you're running one of the managed versions of Malwarebytes, it would likely be up to the administrator to disable or terminate the application from the policy control panel from the administration console on the web/server; such options are probably disabled for endpoints to prevent a user from compromising a managed system.

That said, you should be able to disable protections or create exclusions if needed from the management console as documented in this support article and this support article.  The full administration guide with further details on configuring the software may be found here.

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Yes, at the moment user access is still fairly limited and the function for limiting user access primarily determines whether the user sees notifications and whether or not they see the tray icon at all; actually controlling the software is still restricted to admins.  Beyond that, users can also be restricted from uninstalling the software by requiring a password as documented here.

I cannot speak for the Product team or Developers, however it is my thinking that users would be prohibited from terminating the application, disabling protections or creating exclusions in order to prevent unauthorized activities which could result in an endpoint becoming infected, though I can certainly understand your point that administrators should be able to make that determination in the environments they manage and I will certainly submit your feedback to the Product team.

Just to clarify, would you like to be able to control access to all endpoint functions, or just primarily terminating the application and disabling protections, or some other combination of functions/options?

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I would like control access as an admin to stop the scan or product if needed.

If i think it's causing an issue, with Printers, I'd like to turn the app off when the first boot in and just have it disabled until reboot.
So the issue of printers going offline randomly, if I could disable Malwarebytes on a Saturday for people if they called me, or I knew ahead time, the app would be disabled and printing would work better for that one day. The old system had it.

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Understood; I believe the printer problem is due to a known issue.  It can generally be fixed by accessing the advanced settings for Exploit Protections and using the Restore Defaults button as described in this support article.  If that does not resolve the issue, please try disabling SNMP for your printers if possible and that should work around the issue until it is resolved in the software.  Disabling Web Protection may also work around the issue, however restoring defaults for the advanced Exploit Protection settings should prevent the issue from returning (the problem is connected to both Web Protection and Exploit Protection, at least as I understand it).

Please also make sure the endpoint software is fully up to date as I know fixes for this issue have been under development and released recently, and I do believe a fix was pushed out for Endpoint Security as well this past week.

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