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16 minutes ago, TimBones said:

I keep getting the message that this is a Trojan and that the connection has been blocked. This can actually only be an error. Can someone help me. The logfile for the message is attached.

notabug.org Logfile.txt 756 B · 1 download


This domain is blocked as malicious by Google Safe Browsing on URLscanio:


And an IP is blacklisted at RiskIQ:


And our reporting here:


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59 minutes ago, TimBones said:

Okay, I see that there seems to be no malwarebyte error here. What should I do?

If it's a site you frequently visit try using either a sandbox type browser, VMWare or similar product that won't allow you to get infected. Also be assured you have all your security software updated that they have current databases. Or find another site for the information which you seek.

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Hey There!

Was having this issue myself for the last few days without rhyme or reason, and created an account SPECIFICALLY to address this issue.

It looks like the browser extension "uBlock Origin" is the culprit here.

This post is how I figured it out: 


The LATVIAN LIST that uBlock uses for international blocking is hosted at notabug.org - hence everytime it attemps to update, an outbound connection is created over port 443 and it tries to connect back to that Git service. 



Turn off the list if you are using it, or remove the extension all together if you don't feel comfortable.

Best of luck

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