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dbstalk.com blocked for phishing


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I installed Browser Guard yesterday, was faced with a phishing block on this site this morning. I only visit the DirecTV forums there, where I have never noticed any phishing attempts, so it is possible that this block is valid for other forums on the site. I bypassed the block, encountered no phishing messages on the two subforums that had a few new messages. Any information as to the validity of the block?

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I went to the website using both Firefox and Chrome, and outside of the fact that it wanted me to turn off ad blockers, I saw no blocks.  I also checked whether there is an active phishing block, and none showed up.  I don't know what to say other than try again.  There should not be a block. If it is repeatable, I would need to get logs.

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I wonder if Browser Guard's phishing license has expired? When I encountered the block earlier today, I chose only to go to the site, not to remove the block permanently. Since then, I have returned to dbstalk.com a few times  with no block, and have tried to access the site with MS Edge and Google Chrome, where I have encountered no block. I did get the request to turn off the ad blocker in Chrome, but not in the other two browsers, even though I do have an ad blocker extension in Firefox (which I failed to mention is where I encountered the block, as it is my default broser.)

If no further blocking, then the block today was just a minor impediment. although what a pediment has to do with any of this, that I do not  know. (Just my usual playing with words. "Pediment" is a valid word, and putting an apparent prefix, `im' on it does not change one into the other.)

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Monkeywrenches find their way into the machinery from time to time, and there is usually an explanation.  Usually is also an exceptionally vague term, which is why it is used so frequently.  I ask questions at times, and I get answers at times...usually. :)


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