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Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)

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I have a site http://reachingcambodia.info which is being "blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)". 

I don't understand why you block this page? We're a legitimate non-profit service to Cambodia. We are in the middle of leaving everything we own to be trained and serve fulltime there, and are simply asking our local community, friends and family to support us. We are doing nothing illegal, or suspicious. 

Will you please whitelist this immediately?

Thankyou kindly.

Alan Purvis

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1 hour ago, AlstecIT said:

I don't understand why you block this page?

While we wait for staff. A note on Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)

Non-standard TLD's (biz/cc/info/xyz/online and so on) are commonly used for malicious purposes.  Malwarebytes err on the side of caution to assure that we are protecting our users. If our users encounter a block, they report it (as you did), it gets tested, and if it is determined to be safe, it gets whitelisted.

Here are some of the reasons why it's safer to block by default and remove the block if found to be safe. 



Typically no one has the time and resources to go out and daily scan for bad sites on the Web.

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Thanks Porthos... much appreciated.

But it just seems a little over the top to me...

Why not issue a simple warning, and explain the concern in layman's terms to the user? Especially when there's absolutely no legitimate reason for blocking the site in the first place, except the domain name.

Most people who read that message, would freak out and close the browser... not because they don't trust the site, but because they don't understand the message.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get a response from a staff member soon... we're being interviewed this Sunday in my church, and I'd like it sorted before then.

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The site has been whitelisted.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

To respond to your question, I think many people would say "Nothing has ever happened to me before, so I have nothing to worry about."  Most times they are right, but then there are the other times they wish someone had warned them.  Quite often, malware originates on sites with non-standard domains (or just IP addresses with no domains attached to them).  Those are the two reasons we do what we do.  Today, I have been blocked when trying to go to four sites that I know are OK, but like the one you mentioned, I tested them and verified nothing had changed, then whitelisted them so nobody encounters the same access problem.

Good luck on your trip!

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