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A false positive: Bitcomet


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The problem is that, if I open Malwarebytes, it'll immediately quarantine BitComet again (not understanding what's going on, I've reinstalled it after the first time).

I can restore the quarantined file afterwards, I suppose...

Anyway, thanks for replying so quickly, I'll see what I can do.

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Yes, you can restore the quarantined file. The detection log also certainly helps.

You can easily find this if you go through Detection History > History > Click the entry where the detection appears. You'll see a "view" icon, and that's where you'll see the detection, where you will be able to export the results (to clipboard, so you can paste it here).

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Hi Eugene,

This isn't a false positive. This installer is bundled with additional software, which we call PUP.Optional.InstallCore. Other AVs probably detect this as well.

You can however create an exclusion for this (or temporary disable MBAM) when reinstalling, as PUP means, Potentially Unwanted Program, so it's not really malware. but please be careful and read through the installation screens carefully when it presents additional software to you that isn't Bitcomet (unselect these if you don't want them), as these are often adware.

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Allow me to disagree...

Firstly, Malwarebytes deleted TWO files -- one of which (bitcomet.exe) is NOT an installer and isn't bundled with anything. There's absolutely no reason to delete it.

The second file, bitcomet_setup, is indeed an installer, and it's indeed bundled with some kind of antivirus software -- but THE USER IS ASKED WHETHER THEY WANT IT OR NOT. So, again, no reason to quarantine it.

I might add that quarantining the installer isn't much of a problem, as one needs it for a very short time only -- but it'd be great if you could reclassify bitcomet.exe as harmless.

I understand that I can create an exclusion for it, of course, but there is a bigger issue here: keeping it listed as malware is a clearly hostile act towards your fellow IT people (and, judging by their product, fairly good professionals at that).

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We actually detect on the installcore component which is a PUP, so this isn't only and always in installers.

This is the same for utorrent, where we detect some versions as PUP.Optional.Opencandy, where the utorrent.exe located in the program files (launcher) is also bundled with OpenCandy.

We can however review the Bitcomet.exe file itself again.

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