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hp printer scan to pc blocked

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5 minutes ago, flier56 said:

malwarebytes blocking hp printer assistant  software scan to computer if i turn off web protection it will work this is with a wireless printer nothing to show in the log file

hp scan.zip 693 B · 1 download

I have seen this with a client today as well. Reported it already in another thread. Web protection is the issue and must be disabled for the scanner to scan on a wireless printer.

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from above post

Web Protection component is somehow interfering with the scanner's communication, possibly on a driver level and if that is the case it means we can't exclude it as driver's cannot be excluded from Web Protection.

this looks to be the problem here also hp repair tool shows a driver communication error when Web Protection is enabled, when disabled shows no error

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I'll add to the pool of information: I have had 2 of my clients call in the last 2 weeks with identical symptoms.

Both had HP Printers, can print but not Scan, disabling Web Protection resolves the issue. Disabling any of the other protections (like Exploit Protection) does not work.

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This issue is likely resolved in the latest Malwarebytes Beta.  If you wish to give the beta a try please refer to this post for details about the beta and instructions on installing it, otherwise you may wait for the new version to be released once beta testing is completed with the release expected to be a week from now.

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