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what are some example malware?

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It's a good discussion, but this isn't a discussion sub-forum.  Its purpose is for submitting malware samples that are related to crytovirology and to Rogue software such as fake anti malware software.  I am requesting the forum admin. move this thread to;  General Chat

Examples of malware performing cryptovirology are Ransomware such as;  WannaCry, Locky, AIDS Trojan, CerberGpcode and Crysis  to name a few.

Cryptovirology: The Birth, Neglect, and Explosion of Ransomware

There are a few types of Rogues.  They can be fake anti malware software or even hard disk diagnostics.

Most stem from what was called the SmitFraud (aka; ScareWare).  Different forms of Social Engineering ploys would be used to foist a ZLob Trojan that would make its presence known by telling the infected user they were infected and they needed to use a particular anti malware program to remove it.  These anti malware programs were fake and was just a vehicle for the affected to spend money and buy them.  The motive has always been monetary gain.  However the malicious actors have moved away from actually infecting a PC with a trojan and instead have shifted to creating web sites that falsely state that you are infected.  They are called FakeAlerts.  Today a trojan DLL like the ZLob may instead be called a Win32/FakeAlert.  A web page may be called a HTML/FakeAlert.

Rogue software are fake softwares which are created to effect a cure for a problem that real doesn't exist and to obtain payment for the solution.

List of rogue security software


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