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Google Chrome Security Breach

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So anyway, yesterday i get home from work (10-10-20) and need to do my computer stuff and turn on computer ( HP Windows 10 new computer - well under a year old), and it is running slow not

loading my scanner , so I hit restart and it just sets there restarting, so i go run a errand at the store.


Come back and still restarting so long story short - i unplug it and plug back in and it starts up.


I open googles chrome and a *Pop Up* shows up Security Breach , you need to change a bunch of passwords !


Not being very trusting of Pop Ups I do a search (Using my Kindle Tablet) and Security Breach is a new google thing) so I look and I have to change 27 sites passwords !


I freak out ! Do I have a Virus ? Keylogger ? Hacker attacking my computer like in the TV shows ? What ?


The Pop Up / Google Chrome wont point the finger at any of that! Apparently it is much to Politicly Correct to give me even a hint of how this happened so I can do some preventive !


I mean that is carrying PC (Politicly Correct) crap to far !


Did someone hack into my passwords that Google has on my system ? Googles Cloud ? 


Did google scan those web sites that I use those passwords on ?


Some of the sites that it wanted me to change passwords on no longer exist, or have moved.


Some passwords it wants changed are not even my stuff - like years ago my wife put in her Moms face book/etc that has not even been used for years , so that would not be connected to my stuff -

except it is in my Google Chrome/ Cloud I suppose.


Does my Google Chrome have a Virus ? Invisible App ?


How can I figure it out ?


I can go to Google Chrome Settings and go to Privacy and Security and then go to Safety Check and then go to Chrome Can Keep You Save From Data Breaches, Bad Extension's and More then Click Check Now

It says I have to wait 24 hours to check passwords (Chrome can not check your passwords wait 24 hours) I did change my passwords on the sites that would let me, I had to email one site.


It is to Politicly Correct to tell me how / why / what happened and what can I do 


I do have Malwarebytes browser extension and unblock origin on my google chrome.


On Google Chrome I clicked Enhanced Protection


And I updated Google chrome


Any Ideas ?



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