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I'm pleased to share the announcement of AdwCleaner 8.0.8!

It contains various stability improvements and fixes over the 8.0.7:

More precisely, we realized that some infections are locking AdwCleaner's working directory to prevent it from running so we now try to update the permissions on the working directory (by default C:\AdwCleaner) before using it, and inform you to use another directory from the command-line if we fail to change the attributes. We also improved the detection and cleanup logics, updated the translations and definitions.

Another change we introduced is the ability if we run in a corporate environment or not. This change might sound weird for AdwCleaner as it's mainly aimed for individual users. However, a lot of companies are also using it internally. This change is invisible and doesn't break the way you use AdwCleaner, and the goal is not to change AdwCleaner's usage model or vision, but rather to introduce specific features for these users that serve them better while not bothering others who don't need corporate-specific features.

We have exciting plans for the coming months for everyone, stay tuned :)

As usual, the changelog is available below:

## v8.0.8 [09/10/2020]

### New Features

* Set the correct attributes to the working directory (usually C:\AdwCleaner) to overcome potential malicious modifications
* Detect if AdwCleaner runs in a corporate environment

### Changes

* Improve Services detection
* Update translations
* Update definitions to 2020.09.29.1

### Bugfixes

* Fix an issue preventing shortcut cleanup from working correctly
* Fix the QSharedMemory error message


AdwCleaner is available for download: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner

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