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False positive on website?


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I'm getting "Website blocked due to reputation." for my website: www.thealmightyguru.com. However, if I check my site on virustotal.com, there isn't a single virus scanner that marks it with malware. The Malwarebytes message doesn't give any explanation for why my site is blocked, so I have no idea what I need to fix. Could you please let me know why my site is being blocked? Thanks!

I'm using version 2.2.12 of the extension in Chrome, 

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Not seeing a blockage in either Firefox or Chrome currently.

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Have you emptied your cache?  I have just accessed the site successfully in both Firefox and Chrome with Browser Guard enabled.  Reading your October 8 comments about a new Alanis album.  Also make sure you are using Browser Guard version 2.2.12.  You can verify the version in the Support tab (accessible under the kebab menu at the upper right of the BG panel.

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3 hours ago, DeanT said:

It's still giving the error for me. Here is a screenshot:

Uninstalling the extension and reinstalling it fixed it for me.

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I also just noticed that this website is line #2 in my whitelist. I don't think the issue is on our end.

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Glad its working for you!

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