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Netlify Sites blocked by Malwarebytes - General Consultation Request

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Hi Malwarebytes Support!

Occasionally Netlify's customers report that their site(s) are being blocked by Malwarebytes software

It seems potentially like domain or IP blocking that takes place for a potentially malicious site, is also blocking non-malicious customers. This could mean that IP or root domain blocking is occuring, when we would ask that only the specific subdomain belonging to the malicious site is blocked. (eg we would have `badguy-app.netlify.app` or `badguy-app.bitballoon.com` blocked instead of blocking `netlify.app` or the discovered dynamic, shared IP address)

Alternatively instead of blocking, we accept that malicious sites are reported to Netlify Support to be examined for shutdown. 

We are hoping to get more information on the nature of the blocking mechanism, as well as, hoping that malwarebytes has a solution for web hosting and service providers, such as Netlify, which use dynamic, shared IP resources. If no immediate solution exists, maybe we can work together to create a better customer experience.

Thank you,

-Dustin Rogers
Netlify Security Team

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  • Staff

Do you have any specific IP that you are seeing reported as blocked? Or any parent domains reported as blocked? 

I am not seeing any parent/root domains blocked but having a log or screenshot of the reports would help to look in this further. 

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