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combofix.org is actually blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard, and as far as I know, it is not an official domain affiliated with sUBs (creator of Combofix, who also happens to be a member of Malwarebytes' Research team, writing threat signatures for Malwarebytes' database) and is not an authorized/official host for Combofix.

If you saw a promotional pop-up for Malwarebytes Browser Guard, then that's normal, however if you saw an advert for combofix.org I'm pretty sure it didn't come from Malwarebytes.

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It was not a pop up.It was an option on the taskbar tray menu selection for Malwarebytes  

Check for Updates:

Web Protection:On

Malware Protection:On

Ransomware Protection:On

Exploit Protection:ON

<IT WAS HERE> Add web extension for combofix.org

Open Malwarebytes

Quit Malwarebytes







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13 minutes ago, bbOhio said:

<IT WAS HERE> Add web extension for combofix.org

That was there as will all other blocked sites singly after each time you get a web block. It is there for a user yo "override" the block per detected site. Not recommended.

It is exclusion not extension.


First you will see this.


Then if you right click the icon right after you see the option to allow whatever the site my  be at your own risk.


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