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Malwarebytes scan interupted

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My desktop was infected with Antivirus pro 2009 and i used malewarebytes to remove it, then when i rebooted, Windows police pro took its place, then after another scan Antivirus pro 2010 is now there.

Now when I open malewarebytes, it stops the scan.

I used fixtm and fixexe to get my task manager back, but now my background is completely black and i cannot see any of my icons unless i press the desktop button but when i do any thing else it blacks out again.

I can access my desktop files through start>run

im using windows xp pro 32 bit

amd athlon 64 4000+

i tried running hijack this but after the install it closes

i can close antiviruspro 2010 but there is still a red Circle with a X that is telling me that y computer is infected.

also there is a program called Security Tool but it hasnt realy done any thing other then put its icon on my tray.

still trying my best to get hijackthis to work

Any suggestions?

im pulling my hair out over this

thx in advance

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Hello and welcome to Malwarebytes.

I Apologize for the late response.

If you still require assistance, we would like to see the latest state of your system. So, please post a New Hijackthis log. In your reply, I would also like to know any symptoms you may still have and how your computer is running at the moment.

Take a read in this thread on instructions on how to post a Hijackthis log and other further instructions:


Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don’t hear from you in five days this thread will be closed.

With Regards,


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