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MB4 Beta causes Firefox to block websites


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I’ve just enable beta update to my MB v4 and I updated to latest beta and I now Firefox web browser has blocked Malwarebytes forum for a few second and it gone away right after :) and I post this reply right after I see the Firefox warning like this one


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A fix that seems to work is the following:

  1. Turn off web protection.
  2. (Optional) Clear your Firefox cache  (see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache )
  3. Reload the page(s) with the issue

After that you can turn on web protection and it should be fine.


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So far.  I said that the cache clearing was optional, but if I closed the browser and opened it again, the error occurred again, so I did a cache clear and that seemed to fix it permanently.


I'll test more and report back.

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After reboot everything on the laptop still works perfectly fine.


I told MB BG to go ahead to the NewEgg sites it was blocking, without marking them as 'safe' and the prompt did not appear again after reboot either.

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the Warning message by Firefox web-browser is :

Software is Preventing Firefox From Safely Connecting to This Site

forums.malwarebytes.com is most likely a safe site, but a secure connection could not be established. This issue is caused by Malwarebytes Web Protection, which is either software on your computer or your network.

What can you do about it?

    If your antivirus software includes a feature that scans encrypted connections (often called “web scanning” or “https scanning”), you can disable that feature. If that doesn’t work, you can remove and reinstall the antivirus software.
    If you are on a corporate network, you can contact your IT department.
    If you are not familiar with Malwarebytes Web Protection, then this could be an attack and you should not continue to the site.

Learn more…

I updated just now to the newest beta released today and I’ll need to test it more and to see how it goes .

thanks for MB team :)


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This issue has been resolved with our latest Beta Component Update v1.0.1056. Please perform use the Check for Updates option in Settings to force update.

More details are here: 


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