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CLI functions for the unmanaged versions of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit can be found in the guides located here and here.  The administration guide for the Malwarebytes Management Console is located here.  Additional CLI info for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business can be found here.

I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist with please let us know.


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By the way, here is a copy of the scan command info from the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Unmanaged Client administration guide for reference (it can be found at the end of the PDF in the command line reference/appendix):

Perform a Scan
mbamapi /scan <type> <switches>
This command activates the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware client on a computer, without displaying the main
dialog box.
type Type of scan to be executed. Values are:
-quick Execute a quick scan.
-full Execute a full scan. This option will check the value of selectedrives to
determine which locations to scan. Please see Define Configuration
Settings for further specifications of this parameter.
-flash Execute a flash scan.
-terminate Close program after a scan completes if no threats were found. If a threat is detected,
the program remains open so that the user can decide whether to remove the
threat(s). This switch cannot be used with -silent.
-log Overrides the Save Log checkmark on the Settings tab. If the Automatically Save Log
After Scan completes option is unchecked, a log file will still be saved when the -log
parameter is used.
-silent Hides the GUI while scanning; Does not need to be used with -terminate as the
program will always terminate after a silent scan completes.
-remove Automatically removes threats and saves a log file. GUI will remain open unless -silent
is specified.
-reboot Reboots the computer if necessary; Switch is valid only if -remove is used.
/xml Sets the scan to create an XML format log instead of a standard plain text log.
mbamapi /scan
mbamapi /scan -full
mbamapi /scan -flash -terminate
mbamapi /scan -quick -log -silent -remove -reboot /xml


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The only info I could find on CLI for Nebula is here for updates and here for the Linux client, however I'd suggest trying the CLI functions I listed above for the unmanaged version as it's possible that the same commands work between the two types of clients.

A member of Support/the staff may clarify further so I'll defer to their knowledge, but hopefully this helps in the meantime.

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The full administration guide for Nebula can be found here.  I dug through it and tried to find anything related to CLI/command line, but unfortunately the above results were all I came up with, so either I missed it, or it's undocumented in the knowledgebase, or it just doesn't exist (yet).

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Thanks Exile, I tried the above commands but there isn't a file called mbamapi.exe in the install of the Nebula client or Anti-Malware. I also tried all the exe's in both locations and nothing gives a list of switches. So I don't think its there (yet) either. I have a call with an engineer so I will ask the same question.


Appreciate the help though

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Yes, that's what I was afraid of.  I've noted a request for extended CLI functionality in case it doesn't exist which I will pass on to the Product team for consideration for future releases.

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There is a command scanner, this switch is not part of the help /? switch in EACmd.exe

create a file called scan.txt (scan.txt is just an example) inside scan.txt add the path to scan i.e. c:\ or c:\temp etc...

\ProgramFiles\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\UserAgent\ .\eacmd.exe -ContextScan="C:\temp\scan.txt"


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Yes, I knew about the semi-portable on-demand scanner in MBBR, but the script was news to me.  I'll make a note about this and request that the team update the documentation to include info on CLI/scripted scanning.

Thanks for the update and I'm glad that you found a solution.

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