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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit 1.13 Build 254 - No fixed pop up bug in W.XP.


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Compared to the previous build 235, the pop-up appears during installation.
MBAE does not install even after re-boot.

To reinstall the latest build that doesn't have this problem, 186, I am forced to remove some registry keys with CCleaner.
Otherwise the pop-up also appears in version 186.

OS Windows XP x32

F.S. FAT32

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There is no purpose to disable OSA.
No blocking pop-ups from OSA when installing MBAE build 254.

Not to mention, OSA has never blocked any MBAE builds to date.

I also use an administrator account.

There are no other software running in real time in my advanced security configuration.
No AV, third party firewall ... etc


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35 minutes ago, Porthos said:


We trying to assist. Just because it has not blocked things in the past does not mean it cant interfere now.


Right, it could even be as simple as a timeout in the MBAE installer due to analysis of its activities being performed by OSA.  I don't necessarily think it is even very likely to be the cause, just that it was the one thing that stood out to me and we always try to eliminate as many anomalous variables as possible (not to mention the fact that it would be good to inform the Devs if there is any compatibility issue with OSA or any other security products).

I don't know what QA testing looks like for XP these days, and it's possible they don't test at all on the OS since it's been out of support for so long.  Their official product lifecycle for MBAE Beta is located on this page and the only mention of XP I see is in the notes below the chart showing the various builds which states:

‡ Malwarebytes for Windows 3.5.1 will be the last version available to users on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. There will be no updates for these operating systems, this includes additional product enhancements or features. In order to get access to any protection updates utilizing updated detection technologies or techniques in newer versions, users will need to upgrade to a newer operating system.

Please note, we do not intend to declare End of Maintenance of v3.5.1 immediately upon the release of the next version, but will make such declaration at a later date. We may release bug fixes, stability improvements, and other upgrades for the XP and Vista platforms on an as needed basis. Users on these operating systems will continue to receive any available protection updates that are supported in v3.5.1 until its respective End of Maintenance date.

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  • Staff

Hi All,

Like mentioned above, XP is not one of the OS's Malwarebytes supports anymore. Hence the lack of exhaustive testing on XP platforms.

However, as a goodwill gesture to our loyal customers of MBAE standalone, we continue to support XP until we come to a time when we cannot anymore due to technical inabilities. We will take a look at this and get back.


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