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Backup Files Software - Which one to choose 2020?

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I found this thread . It's updated 2019, it's 2020 now and wonder what to choose.

I have looked at  "EaseUS Todo Backup Free". Which have a good easy interface.    And easy to backup files and exclude files that shouldn't be backupped.

I have also found out that I can set a password on the backup files. Which is nice.


I also took a look at  "AOMEI Backupper". Which interface seems bloated. You can't do much when it comes to backup files.

I also took a look at "Acronis True Image". Which looks like they added anti-virus inside and anti-ransomware. I don't want these features, only a backup files.


So I wonder what should I choose to be able to backup my files weekly? I have used manually backups, but it's just a pain.

Btw, the software can be paid if it's a good software.

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3 hours ago, Porthos said:

I personally make images only. I use Macrium Reflect Free

I do own the paid version that can protect the images from ransomware.

Never had a failure during restore. I load it on all computers I service and instruct on its use.

I looked through the tool you said. And I think this is not the best, but if it never fail on restore it's a good software.

The thing is, it doesn't exist a trial for home users. So I can't test it out.

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  • Root Admin

Some of the issues you feature are more so personal likes or dislikes. As far as backing up your data and restoring  your data they still work quite well.
Obviously you are the one that would need to decide if you want one feature over another or not.


Macrium Reflect Free is free and not a trial



Don't have to supply an email either if you don't want to




Even the installer will attempt to get you to register or supposedly obtain a registration key  but you do not need to register. Watch the buttons and links and ignore all of it and continue and it will install and work without further contact or email to Macrium


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12 minutes ago, unknownguy said:

Didn't see the trial version. Sorry. But porthos job with computers and have many people he help, so I think this is what I should buy.

Most of my users use the free version to make monthly images to external hard drive that is only connected when making a backup. Some have a second drive in the computer and have auto backups being done. But those are not 100 %safe unless you use the paid version with image gaurdian like I do.


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  • Root Admin

Personally if I were going to purchase the program I would likely purchase the Business Workstation standalone version. The difference between Home and Workstation is $5.05 but support features are better and also includes major updates not just minor updates like the Home version.
Business also supports Remote Control into your system if needed, I don't see that option offered for Home


Macrium Reflect is an image based backup and cloning solution for commercial and personal use.

Home vs Business Workstation

Home $69.95
Workstation Standalone $75.00
Difference $5.05


Product Comparison


Home Essentials
Macrium Reflect 7 Home Edition includes 12 months free Technical Support. This will ensure that not only do you get a great backup tool for your home PCs, but you know that there is help if you need it.
Support Forum access and Minor updates (i.e. v7.1 to v7.x) will be perpetual for the life of Macrium Reflect 7.

Business Workstation
Support and Maintenance for Business Users
Enjoy 12 months of support via email and, if needed, remote access to your problem system. As part of this annual subscription you will get Major updates (i.e. v7 to v8) for free.
If needed we can remote access into your system to resolve problems wherever you are in the world. You can upgrade to Premium for even greater coverage and quicker response times.


Macrium Image Guardian
Protect backups from ransomware
Macrium Image Guardian provides protection to Macrium backup files only, to ensure optimal defense against ransomware.


Bug fixes and Improvements


Bug fixes and Improvements v7.2.5107 - 5th August 2020

    Reflect hanging after running a backup
    Release 7.2.5098 could cause ReflectBin.exe to hang at the end of a backup. This has been resolved.

Bug fixes and Improvements v7.2.5098 - 5th August 2020

        We've added a new confirmation prompt when extending a partition beyond 2TB on an MBR disk. Extending beyond 2TB will cause the disk layout to be converted to GPT format and will cause MBR system disks to be non-bootable.
        In the rescue media, we've also added a warning to indicate that disks converted to GPT will not be accessible by Windows XP and Server 2003.
        When copying an MBR 'Active' partition to an existing non 'Active' partition the target partition may not get marked 'Active' after restoring. This has been resolved.
    Automatic system restore for 32 bit systems
    If initiating a system restore in Windows causes the boot menu to be automatically added then, for 32 bit systems, local NIC and mass storage drivers may not be copied. This has been resolved.
    Changed Block Tracker
        Fixed a permission issue that prevented the Encrypted File System (EFS) from encrypting some files on volumes that were formatted while CBT was active.
        Improved compatibility with Windows 10 build 2004.
    Various minor fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.



Unacceptable trouble using Windows 10 pro EFS (Changed Block Transfer was the culprit and has been fixed)

Cloud vs. NAS vs. external storage for backup: how do they compare?


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7 hours ago, unknownguy said:

A bit late. But thanks for the information. I have been struggling around if i should I use a backup service or not.

Yes, must definitely. I use to use True Image and it has become bloated with software you don't really need. I have been using Macrium and like it very much. You never know when you may need it to restore a complete image in case you have issues with other software, etc..

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  • Root Admin

I'm not sure about a "service" - that to me, means online backup which I am personally against. Backing up perhaps "some" critical files that I've encrypted on my own, before upload possibly. But as a sole resource for my backups, never.

I want complete and full access to all 16TB of my data and I don't want to have to spend 2 weeks downloading it again if wanted or needed.

Do you need backups? Yes, unless you simply just don't care about losing your data. Microsoft themselves deleted user data on one of their Windows Updates a year or so back. Malware today often tries to encrypt your data. So, if you want to ensure you always have access to the data then you need to take appropriate measures to ensure the data remains safe.

Online backup with programs such as BackBlaze https://www.backblaze.com  are an excellent secondary backup, but in my opinion should not be your only means of backup.


Veracrypt Get Started Guide: Encryption Made Easy


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  • Root Admin

NOTE: Wanted to update this topic to say that the Free version of Macrium Reflect is probably good enough for most users. Though I do have the purchased version, the Free version is quite capable as well



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