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Running exe and bat programs on Network drives is 10-20 times slower, help!

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If Malwarebytes runs the same exe on a network drive twice and the file has not changed why does it still take so long to run?

Can Malwarebytes realize that it has run the exe before and mark the file as safe.

It is taking our users 3 minutes to run a charting report that only took 15 seconds before and they are complaining.

Thank you!


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Could you please test to determine which specific module is at fault?  To do so, an affected user needs to right-click the Malwarebytes tray icon and disable one of the 4 protections, test to see if performance is still impacted, re-enable the module if it the issue is still present, then disable the next module and try the test again, repeating the process until the specific module at fault is determined.  I would also suggest waiting around 30 seconds after disabling each module before conducting the execution test to allow for the service/drivers etc. to settle down as removing a module from memory can take time as it has to unload the associated driver and its databases from memory.

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