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This is the world we live in...

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I was ordering pizza from Dominos recently and noticed a link at the bottom of their page called Do Not Sell My Info.  Not being a fan of having my data collected, much less shared or sold, I clicked it.  I then had to re-verify my email address by entering it twice (something I did not need to do to actually order pizza/submit payment as I was already signed in; something they encourage for 'convenience').  I then had to pass a CAPTCHA (again, something NOT required for actually paying/purchasing on their site) and I then had to get a 'verification code' (2 factor authentication, just to stop them from selling my info) from my email which I only had 12 minutes to copy into the text box on the site before it would expire (and again, they do NOTHING like this for actually taking my MONEY/credit card/PayPal info for actual purchases), and I then had to click a 'continue' button and finally an additional 'submit' button.  Once the process was complete and I'd jumped through all their hoops, I was informed that I had successfully submitted a REQUEST for them to not sell my info.  Not an automatic/automated deactivation/deletion of my info from their list of data to sell to other companies for marketing, just a request meaning it's entirely possible that they could, at least in theory, respond with a 'NO' to my 'REQUEST'.  I doubt that last part and I'm sure they will remove me from their data list for selling, but it just reiterates the point that when they can take an order, use and display my full name, address, phone number, and payment information and keep me logged in the entire time, they should certainly be able to remove me from their automated data collection and sharing system.  They have me verify my identity multiple times just to get removed from their sharing list, yet to actually take my money for purchases, no such verification is required (just the standard login with my email and password).  Obviously they're far more concerned about making certain I am me when I'm attempting to stop them from sharing/selling my info than they are about someone possibly stealing my info to use for unauthorized purchases on their site.

After completing this process I was absolutely disgusted.  These companies make it such a challenge for their customers/users to protect their privacy and information, all the while collecting it seamlessly with little or no action required on the part of the user for them to do so.  But try and stop them from doing so and oh man, are you in for a challenge because it's so very complicated for them to STOP SPYING.  The reality is that it would be far easier for them to not collect and share all this information in the first place.  They spend millions on data collection efforts to leverage their customer data for profit, and simply not storing/sharing that data would require much less effort on their part.

Privacy is dead, and this is the world we live in.

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I just got this email from Dominos:

Hello Domino’s Customer,

In response to your request to opt-out of the sale of personal information, we have ceased the selling of your personal information and have contacted any 3rd party vendors with whom we’ve sold your personal information.

As a reminder, your opt-out request is only valid on the device where you submitted the request and will expire if you clear your cookies, go into private browsing, or delete and reinstall our app. We are working on a technical solution to allow customers with a pizza profile to opt-out across all Domino’s online ordering channels and will provide notice of this in our privacy policy once it is available.


This is ridiculous.  If they can store all of my information and know who I am as soon as I login, they can certainly do the same for excluding my information from their sharing/selling/collecting list.  Just use the same profile info/technology being used to offer me all that marketing garbage in the first place, but of course that would actually make sense so it is something they will likely never do unless they are forced to by law.

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21 minutes ago, Hardhead said:

@AdvancedSetup I'm not seeing the plugin video that David posted above using the Cosmos theme on Windows but can see it on my Phone.

I can see it on the Mac using Cosmos / Firefox. :)

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