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Issues creating account, logging in, or posting

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If you're having issues creating a forum account, Logging into your account, or Posting, please see the steps below.


Error Creating Account

Error, You are not permitted to register a user account with this site.  Error code: 2S129/1

  • Make sure the Display Name you've chosen only uses valid characters. Spaces, periods are not allowed. Only Aa-Zz 0-9 and the dash - and underscore _
  • In many cases, this error is due to your current IP address being on one or more block lists. Typically this happens when using VPN (Virtual Private Network) as spammers or other threat actors also use VPN
  • If you are using a VPN either try to connect without a VPN to create the account and then in many cases, you can use the VPN to connect after the account has been created.
    If you continue to get blocked try connecting to a different VPN server which will normally provide you with a different IP address.
  • You can check to find your current public IP IPv4 from the following link: https://www.whatismyip-address.com/



Error, Unable to use your email address to create an account.

  • In many cases, it's due to the use of a known disposable, temporary mail server. Please try using either your real ISP email or a more well known free email server.
  • If you're using your ISP or a well known free email server and still being told it cannot be used then please contact our Helpdesk and create a ticket providing the details of your issue.

Error, Username is already in use

  • You will need to choose another account name to proceed creating an account

Error, Logging in or having to log in again each time you visit

  • In most cases, if you already have an account and either cannot log in or keep having to log in in again it is probably due to your cookie settings in your browser.
  • Please see the following articles for help with correcting or resetting your cookie settings
  • If correcting your cookie settings did not help you may need to consider doing a browser reset
  • Please try a different browser

Mozilla Firefox

Websites say cookies are blocked - Unblock them

Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings


Google Chrome

Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome



Manage cookies and website data in Safari on Mac


Error, unable to create or reply to post

  • Please try a different Web browser
  • If you receive the following reply from the system it may be due to specific wording when trying to create an account or a word used while trying to create a topic or reply to one.
  • Please ensure you've not used any type of words that might be construed as spamming and try again. It could also be that your current IP is blocked due to VPN as shown above.

We’re sorry but our system has detected wording in your post consistent with spam, It may be by accident, please try changing the wording and try to post again.
If you’re still unable to, then please contact our Helpdesk at the following link:



If you're still having issues creating a forum account, Logging into your account, or Posting
After having followed the advice above please contact our Helpdesk and create a support ticket providing the details of your issue.
(please note that a support ticket may take 3-5 business days for a reply due to heavy volume)

  1. Account name you tried to use:
  2. The email address you tried to use:
  3. Public IP IPv4 address at the time:
  4. Date and Time the issue occurred
  5. The error or issue encountered



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