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The Internet’s Biggest Webmaster Forum Had a Data Breach

David H. Lipman

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The Internet’s Biggest Webmaster Forum Had a Data Breach


Another day and another big data leak. On July 1st the WebsitePlanet research team in cooperation with Security Researcher Jeremiah Fowler discovered a non-password protected database that contained records of the internet’s largest webmaster portal. Upon further research it appeared that Digital Point had leaked the data of 863,412 users.

Digital Point claims to be the world’s biggest webmaster forum and marketplace for web related services. The forum lets people buy and sell websites, SEO, and a wide range of services. The site caters to those individuals who maintain or create websites either for themselves or customers.

Data Breach Summary

Domain DigitalPoint.com
Location San Diego, California


Industry Internet Forum / Webmaster
Total number of Records 62,858,144 records
No. of people exposed 863,412 Digital Point Users
Geographical scope Worldwide
Types of data exposed User emails, names, internal user ID numbers, Internal records and user posts.
Potential impact Domain Hijacking, targeted phishing attempts, email based malware attacks, social engineering. Database at risk for ransomware. Middleware information that could allow for a secondary path for malware. Storage info that cyber criminals could exploit to access deeper into the network.


Data storage format This is an Elastic database set to open and be visible in any browser (publicly accessible) and could have been edited, downloaded, or even deleted data without administrative credentials.

*As Security Researchers we never extract data or circumvent password or other security measures. We only take a limited number of screenshots to validate our discoveries.



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