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Phony Malwarebytes Emails (Phishing)

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Hi All,

I'm a fairly new Malwarebytes customer, still "learning the ropes" on what/how to post on Malwarebytes Forums. This my first post....I didn't get a real answer to my question through the basic Malwarebytes Customer Support system.

I received an email that "appeared" to be from Malwarebytes. The email stated "It looks like you've encountered at least one threat in the last month. Don't worry....etc. etc..".

A few things about the email looked suspicious, so I'm wondering whether it might have actually been a phishing attempt ?

I reported the email to Malwarebytes Support (with screenshots of the Header and Body of the suspicious email). I received an automated confirmation email and Ticket number from Malwarebytes Support. A day or so later, I received another automated email from Malwarebytes Support, which seemed to be saying more or less "Problem Solved", BUT, there were no answers to my original question as to whether the suspicious email was actually from Malwarebytes or a phishing attempt ?

So, although Malwarebytes Support may be useful for certain issues, apparently Malwarebytes Forums is the place to go for in-depth answers from Experienced Forum Members and Experts !

I will be happy to post screenshots or other information regarding suspicious email(s) I received if requested, but I'm also aware that there are security issues to consider, and I can also see that Malwarebytes Forums has certain preferred methods for submitting information, so I didn't want to post "too much, too soon". 

Any feedback or suggestions from forum members will be greatly appreciated.

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Phishing is all about capturing user credentials in a masquerade as some entity.  This can be a Bank, an online store, Insurance account, medical account, email account, etc. For example, the below is a Phish for USAA...




The email could have been a Malwarebytes account Phish but we would have to see the Full Header and Body of the email (RAW format in text not a graphic screenshot)  to make that determination.  The objective would be to block the Phish URL by Malwarebytes' products.

Malwarebytes' provides a sub-forum for provideing URLs of suspect and/or malicious sites in;  Newest IP or URL Threats and one can submit after reading;  READ ME: Purpose of this forum

The best way to determine if that email was a Malwarebytes Phish and to get the URL blocked if it was, is to place the RAW email Header and Body text in a TXT file and attach that to a post in;  Newest IP or URL Threats.  Attachments can only be accessed  by Experts and Malwarebytes Staff and will keep Personal Information contained in the attachment private.



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