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Disney acquires film rights to The Transformers

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Look forward to yet another reboot in a once popular film franchise.  Disney, who now owns the rights to Star Wars, Marvel, the Muppets and the Aglets (those plastic thingies on the ends of your shoelaces) have just announced that they have completed negotiations for the film rights to the Transformers, one of Hasbro's top toy properties.  Hasbro, who has been making the majority of toys for many popular Disney licenses (including all of the franchises mentioned above, save for Aglets, which as we all know were purchased for the price of one grilled cheese sandwich by Quentin Tarantino back in 1842), have given Disney the rights to their popular Cybertronian characters including Optimus Prime, Megatron and all the other Autobots and Decepticons (except for Bumblebee; apparently toy collectors are sick and tired of the countless repaints and remolds of the same character over and over again) to begin a new cinematic universe based on the popular toyline.  Disney appears to have much grander plans for the Transformers than Paramount had based on the following concept art which was leaked on Twitter recently and so far the fan response has been very positive:




The plot of the upcoming premier film, which is set in the year 1995, will revolve around the Autobots discovering a large source of Energon, the fuel that Transformers need to survive, buried underneath Disneyland and it is up to Optimus and his band of Autobots to seize control of it before the evil Decepticons do, but they will need the help of long lost friends from their past previously thought to be extinct: Mickey Mouseatron and the Disney Princess Targetmasters.

From their old friends and new allies, the Autobots will learn of many Cybertronian artifacts on Earth which Walt Disney, the first human to discover the existence of Transformers, has hidden beneath each of his theme parks and resorts around the world, with the final battle taking place at the infamous Disneyland Paris (formerly Euro Disney) where they will face the evil Unicron and his wrathful minion, Donald Duckatron, the greatest evil in the universe (which explains why Disney Paris has always been surrounded with an aura of negative energy, repelling would-be park goers from setting foot in the accursed place until his defeat at the end of the film which ties in nicely with actual historical events given the huge turnaround that took place for the once loathed themepark that year).

I for one can't wait for this film to hit theaters, and I expect that just as they've done with Marvel, Disney will hit another home-run with this fledgling franchise.

In related news, Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film "Aglets vs Eyelets" promises to be another independent action blockbuster, so look forward to that one when it hits theaters this Christmas.  Described as an indie take on the giant kaiju genre, it should give the upcoming Legendary Pictures film "Godzilla vs Kong" a real run for its money at the box office.

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