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Customer Support- Delayed Response and Unresolved Account Issue

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I originally submitted support ticket # 3158353 on August 19th.

I received a response on September 1st. I submitted the requested information, corrected email addresses, and attachments (my license # and proof of payment) on September 2nd.

There has been no response since then. I do understand that there is a delay with support tickets due to congestion, but it has been 3 weeks total now and I am unable to purchase an additional license for a new laptop until this account issue is resolved.

Additional Information: I need the email registered to my originally purchased license/account resent under the correct email so I can setup the account.

I incorrectly entered the email the first time and never received the confirmation/account setup email because the address doesn't exist.

As I was going from a free premium trial to paid premium bought through the Malwarebytes program/website, it automatically switched to premium when payment went through so I never paid attention to the email issue at the time.

However, I need an additional license and to update my automatic renewal payment information.

Neither of which I can do without account assistance and email correction.

If someone could assist it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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13 hours ago, Ried said:

I'm sorry you're experiencing this delay, I do see the information requested was supplied by you.  I've reached out to that team and someone should be responding to your ticket today.

Update: Someone responded promptly and resolved my account issue completely.

Everything is in good working order now. Thank you so much!

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