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Forum website cookies - persistent user permission procedure


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The cookie permision button cannot be dismissed until the user has signed in.  Is this intentional?  Before I signed in, I could not get rid of the thing.  It kept popping up again and again.

Aaaaaaaaah!  I've got it.  The intention is that the user uses the cookie to store the user I.D., etc.  It's a bit irritating for the casual visitor.

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Hello @hake

What Operating System are you using?
What browser are  you using?

I'm on Windows 10 x64 using Google Chrome

I have logged out. Deleted all cache, cookies, and site data. Quit Google Chrome and then came back.

I get the following alert about cookies which all sites give you nowadays


However once I click that button it goes away for me and I can browse to any sub forum and it does not come back.

If I quit Chrome and then launch it again and come back, yes the prompt is back again. Is that what you mean?

Please see the following and let me know if that covers your concerns


Thank you


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