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Is it ok to disable malware protection if I do regular scans?

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It interferes with a program I need, and from reading, I can see there are no exclusions on the mac client, so stopping the scan temporarily is the only way I can use the program.

It's not malware at all and not detected at all by malwarebytes, but for some reason malware protection running interferes with its functionality, the malware protection is scanning my hard drive correct? If I'm not adding files at that time, it wouldn't do anything anyway right? some malware is not going to magically show up and be stopped by it so it should be ok? I do regular scans daily as well.

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The staff won't be in until Tuesday with what will probably be a big backlog of requests. Since I have not run across anybody else reporting such interference or experienced anything even close to it, I suspect they will need to see your logs which should not be posted here and you will need to wait for a response to the ticket you indicated earlier that was filed. Listing the ticket number here might help expedite things.

But to respond to some of your questions, Malwarebytes only scans your hard drive when you manually initiate one and when you have set up a scheduled scan. Real-Time protection only kicks in when a file is added or modified in one of the key areas that are monitored. It should not be scanning your hard drive at any other times.

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Thanks for replying/explaining how it works, I prefer it on obviously, but if there's no other way I think periodically turning it off and on might be ok so long as I scan regularly, but obviously I'm no expert.

I sent the logs yesterday and didn't hear back today, wasn't sure if that's normal or not, I'm sure they'll get to me eventually, long weekend and all.

ticket is - Malwarebytes Support Ticket 3182429 if it helps.



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27 minutes ago, joeygrimes said:

I sent the logs yesterday and didn't hear back today, wasn't sure if that's normal or not

I think they have been running 2-3 days behind recently and do not work at all on weekends, so perfectly normal.

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