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[REQUEST] Update check on startup


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By default, the scheduled scan is configured to run once per day, attempting to run as soon as the system is started if the scheduled time was missed.  Since the first phase of a scan is checking for database updates, this means it will update as soon as the scheduled scan starts.

That said, by default Malwarebytes Premium is configured to update hourly, though I do not know if it updates as soon as it is launched or not, however I can request that it be implemented to do so as I believe it's a good idea.

Keep in mind that the above info only refers to database updates, not new program versions as they will often require user interaction to install and possibly a system restart.  It is also important to note that program version updates are not pushed out automatically to all users as soon as the new version is released and instead, they are metered out to users randomly over time, however you may override this behavior by launching Malwarebytes and navigating to settings by clicking the small gear icon in the upper right, then clicking the Check for updates button located under the Generalt tab and it will check for and download any available new program versions/updates.

In the meantime, I will be sure to inform the Product team of your request to have Malwarebytes check for updates on system start.

If there is anything else, please let us know.


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Thanks, that's what I figured; I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the behavior for program version updates/upgrades in case you also meant those.  I suspect they may need to include a delay of some length to allow the system's internet connection to become active, particularly for wi-fi connections.

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3 minutes ago, hexaae said:

Premium + real-time active, but I launch it manually.

Do you mean you have no automatic scan scheduled and you always run manual scans? If so the first step during a scan is to check for updates.

Also if real time is active, by default it checks for updates hourly.

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Yes I know, and wanted an option (or maybe a new custom schedule option?) to just update signatures on program launch.


1. I don't like to wait for (slow) update check on first manual quick scan (it takes 12 secs on my system, and 6-8 secs are just for the signature update!) and I'd prefer to launch MWB, do something else in multitasking, and then in case start a quick scan skipping the initial update delay since the update already took place in background.

2. seems logic to have an option like this and be sure is up-to-date the signature when you launch MWB manually ;)

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6 hours ago, hexaae said:

2. seems logic to have an option like this and be sure is up-to-date the signature when you launch MWB manually ;)

This is why Malwarebytes checks for updates prior to every scan, and also why by default, it checks for updates hourly.  We did try forcing an update on launch in the past, however it failed to address the issue for most users since their internet connections were not yet ready.  You can launch Malwarebytes, then right-click the tray icon to check for updates immediately if you really just want to launch it and immediately have it update its signatures.  It is an additional click or two, however it will accomplish getting the protection updated as soon as the program is launched, at least until a solution is provided by the Developers (assuming the Product team does indeed approve the feature request to have it update on startup/launch).

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