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Unable to access License Server after upgrade

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Hi David,

According to the most recent FRST logs, you still have a local system proxy configured which is likely the cause of your issue. Given you manually removed it previously, it's apparent there is something present on the machine that is regenerating it.

You could start off by experimenting with a clean boot to see if a particular installed program is responsible. Beyond that, using something like Sysmon or boot time Process Monitor (assuming it's being regenerated at boot) may give you an indication of the source.

I've attached a Sysmon config file that will monitor for and report changes to any value named "ProxyServer".

Install Sysmon:

sysmon -accepteula -i config.xml

Events are logged to the Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/Operational event log.

Stop monitoring/uninstall Sysmon:

sysmon -u



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Domo arigato @LiquidTension

No change.

I keep the utility in question updated and in-hand and installed the "System Monitor service" per your request and monitored MBAM accessing the account.  Nothing was logged. 

I then specifically loaded Fiddler and setup MBAM to use a Fiddler Proxy.  Results ==> Data.ZIP


Note that no other program complains about a Proxy.  There is only a Proxy use when I specifically setup one like Fiddler.  No other components of MBAM have issues and the program gets updates.  It is only an issue with keystone.mwbsys.com and it only occurs when checking license compliance.  It did not happen with 4.1.x nor when I updated to v4.2.  It only occurred after a v4.2.x update.

When I started this thread, I was at:, 1.029403 and 1.0.1036  and I am now at, 1.029939 and 1.0.1045

With the same inability to access the license server problem.

If it was a Proxy issue I would have a problem getting updates too as all MBAM components would use a Proxy and not just the License Server check-in process.

As you previously noted, this is the issue...

On 9/4/2020 at 11:59 AM, LiquidTension said:

Thank you. This is the issue:

"Exception details: text=SSL Exception: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed"


Referencing "Certificate verify failed", it begs the questions...

  • Does MBAM use OpenSSL or the Microsoft CryptoAPI ?
  • Does MBAM use or depend upon external DLL/modules or are they embedded/compiled ?
  • Where is the Certificate? 
    • Is it a disk file (.cer/.der, .crt, .pem, .key, .p7b/.p7c, .pfx, etc) ? 
    • Is it in the certificate store ?
  • Can we verify the certificate chain with an OCSP ?


As I wrote this v4.2.1 was released.  However it will not perform and online in situ upgrade and actually downgrades the program.

From;, 1.029939 and 1.0.1045  to, 1.029391 and 1.0.1036

I await the release of the Offline installer for v4.2.1


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