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Not launching?

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I've noticed that MBAE has stopped launching on startup, and the previous notification of when that happened is not being displayed either.
There is no icon in the system tray.

Is it just for me or are others seeing this?


EDIT - Redownload/install has sorted it out.
Not sure just why it stopped?

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I'm not sure what caused it, however if you have fast startup enabled that could be the reason, though it's more likely that the previous installation was simply corrupt somehow or its startup entry wasn't created properly when it was installed before.

If you run into an issue like this again I would suggest using MS Sysinternals Autoruns to check and verify that its startup entries are present as they should be (you can check on a known good/working installation to see what entries for MBAE should be there, then compare them to the entries listed when it isn't starting up properly to see if there are any missing or with broken paths to their associated files/executables etc.).

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No, I don't have fast startup enabled.

I'm not sure how long it had been going on.

As with everything that works well you don't notice it, MBAE just launches quietly and sits in the system tray.
If I hadn't started looking at the tray frequently for other reasons I probably wouldn't have noticed the missing icon.

Previously if for some reason MBAE didn't launch at startup then there would be a warning on the desktop with a recommendation to restart, but that wasn't showing up either.

Possibly MBAE was launching but no icon was being put in the tray, too late to test that now.

As I say it's working fine again now.

Probably it was just a Windows10 2004 thing, or one of the Windows updates.

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