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Bank Statement PDF Download Seen As Scam


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In UK on-line banking (3 different banks), requesting a PDF download of a statement is seen by Browser Guard as a scam - I had to remove scam protection on the banks' web sites in order to download the statement. So this is not  an urgent problem; it just goes against the grain to say scams are OK.

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It's a known issue with Firefox 80.

The release notes say it's been fixed for PDFs in todays Firefox update.

Malwarebytes have also promised a change in the next few days to stop MBG preventing other downloads.

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I would not be able to gain access to the area of that site that is causing issues, so I need you to do the following:

  1. Exit the browser
  2. Restart the browser ... this should start Browser Guard debug logs fresh
  3. Attempt to do the download that is failing ... this will create a record of the failure in the debug log
  4. Collect Browser Guard debug log (available under Browser Guard's Support screen)
  5. Zip the debug log ... make that puppy smaller!
  6. Send it to me via private message ... it would likely contain confidential info, so DO NOT post it in the forum

I will see if I can determine the cause of the failure, and either make adjustments or forward data to developers for their analysis.


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