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Recent update problematic

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I do not know if were going to access it with the current forum issues but ,

Can you please collect and upload as an attachment the diagnostic data using our MBST?

  • Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  • Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)
  • Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply
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3 minutes ago, Dublin70 said:

the philosophy that admin accounts are more likely to be attacked.?

That is UAC is for. It was introduced in Vista.

Yours is on.


UAC Settings
EnableLUA:                      On
Consent Prompt Behavior Admin:  On


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29 minutes ago, Dublin70 said:

So if mine is on, then system is safe from malware?

No computer is 100% safe from anything.

A supported OS would also help.


30 minutes ago, Dublin70 said:

The system is running smoothly now and if I update mwb, I am afraid it will have issues again.

If you are going to continue to use the Avast VPN, I have a feeling that disabling web protection might solve the issue buy that is not ideal.


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I realize there is no such thing as 100% of most anything. The system uses Edge browser which as of now, user has not installed mwb browser protection. I think Edge was on system when we did the mwb update. Supposedly Edge has many security features -

my main concern is if I don't update mwb to latest version, that will get me hacked.

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There is a risk.  Nearly all major updates to Malwarebytes include at least some enhancement to Malwarebytes' detection and protection capabilities, often enhancements which were developed as a direct response to one or more current/prominent threats.  This means that over time, as the application becomes further out of date it will become less and less effective against many current threats due to older versions being unable to parse new types of signatures and to use newly developed heuristics and other technologies which are developed over time to improve its efficacy against threats and security vulnerabilities.

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There is another option as mentioned previously; update Malwarebytes but keep Web Protection disabled, install Malwarebytes Browser Guard if you haven't done so already and await a future fix for this issue, assuming there is anything the Developers can do about it.  You still lose out on some of the protection provided by Web Protection since it shields the entire system, not just the web browser, however the browser is by far the most at-risk of all web facing applications as far as malware is concerned.

That is what I would do if I were you and I was determined to keep Avast VPN, and this is coming from a former Malwarebytes QA and Product Manager; one who worked directly with the Developers on many of the same protections, features and capabilities that exist in Malwarebytes today.

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You're welcome, I just hope that the Developers are able to correct this incompatibility and that it happens soon so that you don't have to be concerned with any compromises (and afterwards you should keep Malwarebytes Browser Guard as it adds protection on top of the Web Protection in Malwarebytes Premium when used in tandem with it).

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Last evening I logged onto admin account. I opened MWB and it said - version 4.2.082 and it had been updated that day. Everything seems to be running smoothly and we have the latest version -- the only thing I wonder about is the browser guard. It has not been offered on Edge as far as I can tell. Do you know about that? Thanks again.

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