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Downloading Proxy Script ? No Internet warning ?


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Every so often my new HP  computer with windows 10 says no internet (When it has internet) for a moment,

then I see briefly Downloading Proxy Script.


What got me more concerned, I went to eBay where I had ordered something(Dog Tick Stuff) and everything working correctly but when I opened a page

to see if the seller had shipped my item - that page said * No Internet (All the rest of my tabs had internet.) Then it showed it saying * Downloading Proxy Script * Then that Tab worked correctly


So, It says No Internet Briefly Randomly , usually when first start up - then downloading proxy script.


Could that be a virus ? What is proxy script needing to be downloaded ?

I have the Free Malwarebytes on this computer to scan also Zone Alarm and Adwarecleaner

On my Google Chrome Browser I use the Malwarebytes Browser Add On and also the U Block Origin add on

Side note: I also use CC Cleaner to clean

Plus after cleaning with CC Cleaner , for the first time I did the CC Cleaner Health Check and it showed 255 trackers which it got rid of a couple days ago. 

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I wonder if it is staticie lines or something >

I am on internet and rain storm started , I saw lightning flash outside and it did it again ! I opened a tab and it said * No Internet - then a few seconds later it let me load page.


How can I figure out if it is static ? Popping up here and there ?

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Lightning can cause all sorts of deleterious effects from electrical noise to power spikes.  It's ability to interfere with electronics and communication is well documented but can be minimized and/or mitigated.  Those mitigation efforts  can be simple toroidal line noise filters (aka; choke) and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) Surge Protectors.  How they can be applied towards Internet access and their associated appliances depends upon what type of Internet access you are using.  WiFi is most susceptible while wired Ethernet is less susceptible.  DSL is susceptible to noise while Fiber optic and coaxial transmission lines are less susceptible.  A toroidal line noise filter on a power supply line can reduce some noise and a toroidal line noise filter on telephone line used for DSL can also reduce noise.  A very simple user applied toroidal line noise filter can be shaped like a clam shell.  This is where you open the filter, wrap the power line or telephone line once or twice around the core and then close and lock the clam shell.

Clam shell toroidal line noise filter.


Example of use.



To protect a computer, it is suggested that it be plugged into a power strip that has surge protection.  That means embedded within the power strip are MOV devices.  The surge protection rating, or their ability to absorb a power surge, is rated in Joules.  Below is a power strip from a common supplier rated at 900 Joules.




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