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New version of the forum! Feedback

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3 minutes ago, kevinf80 said:

@AlexSmith This should have been the first link: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/263383-help-downloaded-fake-mwb-antivirus-and-its-a-trojan/

That was done by mistake, thats` when I realized the edit function was missing

The second link was indeed to an attachment, it was to FRST log that I could not open.



Thanks. I also cannot download the attachments. Need to troubleshoot this a bit and report back to IPS.

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5 minutes ago, kevinf80 said:

.... I cannot open any logs so cannot offer any help presently...

Neither can I.  I tried multiple threads and could not access the attachments.  Once I was directed to the error message, I could not "return back" to the thread that the attachment was in.  I had no manually traverse the Forum back into that thread.

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13 minutes ago, Maurice Naggar said:

I've also run into the same issue when attempting to download an attachment.   I also saw that Team Viewer screen  thing.    Curious to know what that is ?

We are not 100% sure yet and will ask IPS for a post-mortem on this.

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IPS has helped resolve some additional issues:

  • All log in issues for users and Malwarebytes staff have been resolved
  • The underlying attachment issue has been fixed. Attachments are currently re-caching and may not be accessible right away.
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14 minutes ago, John L. Galt said:

Heads up - I keep seeing this as I navigate - not sure if it is related to he issues mentioned here or other issues (though I just watched the full nVidia RTX 30x0 stream without a hiccup).



Forum error 1 Sep 2020.png

I get that error when I try to use the home button on the following screen



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OK, then it is possibly related to the upgrade versus some sort of weird network issue.

Let me try logging out and manually logging back i - maybe it is just a cookie issue, since it is still using my cookie(s) from before the upgrade. 

Doubtful - but worth a shot.

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Logging out, and then removing all cookies associated with MB from Firefox, then logging back in gave me the error again - but eventually the forums loaded and now it seems to work, even with home button / mark forums read button.


FWIW - there were 32 cookies associated with forums.malwarebytes.com before I deleted them all.  Now there are only 9.  But that could also be due to viewing other posts, people's signatures, external references / posts / quotations, etc.  So not a guaranteed 'fix', per se, but it did seem to help.  Will know more as I continue to use the forums.

Edited by John L. Galt
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2 hours ago, kevinf80 said:

Yes I too see the following when navigating in the forum, or using the Home tab. Also cannot add an image to a thread reply..


error IPS.JPG

We are still seeing this come up randomly for logged in users. Guests seem to be unaffected by it. IPS has been informed.

41 minutes ago, kevinf80 said:

Thread replies do not seem to be numbered...

This functionality was provided with a 3rd party plugin which is currently disabled until we feel the Forums are stable.

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