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Malware Detection, False Positive?


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Hi there,

I ran Malwarebytes last night as a full system scan, and it came up with the following detected as malware:


This pop-up is the first time this has happened. It is for the game Bioshock Infinite, which is through my Steam application, and is a legit copy of the game. I've had it installed for quite sometime now and I've never gotten this notification before.

Is this a false positive or something I need to worry about? I've gone ahead and quarantined the file and removed the game (as I haven't played it in some time, so I didn't really need it). Should there be something else I need to look out for? I'm currently running another scan and will update this post when it is completed.

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Hi OP. 

Funnily enough, I also ran a scan last night and encountered the exact same detection. Normally I would be concerned but considering it's the exact same problem and it's come out of the blue, I'm going to bet that it's a false positive. Mine is also in the exact same location to yours, with the exact same type it's been labelled as. 

Like you, I've had the game installed for a while and I've already played it, looking back at it now I've had it installed since 2018 and I've had no problems and no updates to the game that could really cause anything to pop up like this. Also I've checked the Steam forums and I've not seen anyone say they have had this issue yet. However, mine only popped up when I did a deep scan, not a quick daily scan. So perhaps it's only picked up when Malwarebytes is really in deep looking for anything that could possibly be harmful. In this case, there isn't anything to worry about, I joined up to the forums just to let you know that because I know what it's like having it loom over your head wondering if it's bad news! :)

When the Malwarebytes team see this, I'm sure they will check it and correct it quickly in an update, they always do :)


Take care and happy gaming!

- Symm

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