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Spoofing email sender

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Can Malwarebytes 4.2 prevent spoofing an email sender? Several neighbors are getting email presumably from me but actually from overseas. I run MB 4.2 Premium daily and am recommending they do the same. I don't believe my system was hacked but do believe their systems were. One neighbor does run Norton antivirus. The email From is of the pattern My Name (Someone Else@bulive.net) where the bulive.net is an actual address. The body of the email is "So sorry for not emailing it to you before" with a website after this. I have no contact list and am recommending the recipients of the spoofed email remove me from their contact list. Any suggestions?

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Hi.  Malwarebytes for  Windows does not do anything with email.   The Premium does have real-time protections, which also include web protection which keeps your machine away from known malicious sites.  It just does not do with email what you seem to be seeking.

The email you describe would appear to be spam email.  Spam is the bane of the internet.   It is best just simply to delete it.

The internet email protocols do not prevent spoofing of the "from" element.

See this Malwarebytes Blog article , "Email spoofing"     https://blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/2016/06/email-spoofing/

Also see "Five easy ways to recognize and dispose of malicious emails"



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