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As a computer repair company, Malwarebytes is one of those programs that we cannot do without. One of the greatest things we found out soon after discovering Malwarebytes is that spyware and viruses knew nothing about it, and therefore didn't block updates to definitions. This allowed us to be ahead of the game and have something other computer stores didn't know about. The core of our service is unlimited tech support by phone & Internet for only $20 /sys p/mo

My list of suggestions come from using the licensed version. Since we manage systems, we have recommended Malwarebytes as the only "paid" program to use. Now that we are starting to sell it, we are finding the following items that need addressed very soon:

1. If you have never used K9 Web Protection, then load it to see how their inclusion process works. When it blocks a website in its database, it allows you the ability to request inclusion. It is then reviewed and you receive a simple email to let you know the results. The inclusion method has to be implemented. We love the idea of the IP blocking. Some of the biggest threats we clean are from users that click on things that seem interesting and they are accidentally loading spyware. What makes this product sellable are features that keep the users away from these known sites. What is hard to explain is why the client has to turn the IP protection off to visit a website they know is ok. Goo ahead and make them setup an account or something. We handle their calls anyway and wouldn't mind a back door way to do inclusion. Maybe make it only for "registered users".

2. Separate out the saving the log, and displaying it. Maybe I have it wrong, but if I want a log file, that selection makes it sound like I won't be able to save a log file if I don't accept to have it displayed in a notepad window. Most users we work for do not need the popup log file...the more silent the better. But, we as a tech company want to have a log file kept.

3. Keep all paid members emails on a mailing list and be sure to flash them an email when new updates happen. This would help us know when to expect phone calls from clients when a new version comes out. It would have really helped when the IP Protection was released, since we received calls right away from clients that thought their computer was infected due to the language on the balloon. Remember, some malware programs do that same thing, popup balloons telling them they are infected!!

That's it! Get these items fixed and we will start selling your product full time and send the notice we support you to all 600 clients on our emailing list.

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Welcome to you - PerfectPCServices -

No~3 Is the easiest topic for me to address - You will find that the program updating is almost daily -

This is so that every time you do a scan you should First do an update - There are also notes like when Major changes are made - :o

You may note that there is a release date for 1.41 on the front page of the tool - Any other Major changes made are usually noted here -

You should inform your clients that they need to do an update (only takes about 1 min) prior to any scan - Also inform them that a quick scan is all that is required unless they think they have serious problems - ;)

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Please send an email to corporate@malwarebytes.org and speak with sales as most if not all of this is already possible.

I know it takes a long time to get on the reseller list if that is what you're wanting as well, but again, sales can address that too.

Thank you.

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