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The Privacy Risk of Search Engines


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We've warned users about the likes of Google, Bing/Microsoft, Yahoo and others tracking and logging their every move online, primarily through their search engines (though also through dedicated ad and tracking servers).  Here's an article from the team behind the privacy focused search engine, Startpage that I recommend reading.  I've quoted an excerpt from the article below:

If a private investigator followed you around for a week, what type of information would they collect on you? Imagine what would be included in your file: what time you leave for work, how often you go out for drinks, whether you’re happily married or going through a series of first dates? Is your life really the open book you believe it to be? Perhaps not as much as you claim.

Now, can you imagine if your search engine kept tabs on you every single day, year after year? What kind of information do you think it would have? How thick would that file be?

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Yep, I've been using Startpage for ages, all the way back to when they called it ixquick (and you can still reach their homepage by entering ixquick.com rather than startpage.com).  Once I realized just what Google and the like were up to, I had to find an alternative, and with old standbys like Ask, Yahoo! and even MSN/Microsoft (now Bing) all jumping on the 'track everything users do and search for online because ads/money/AI etc.' bandwagon, ixquick/startpage and DuckDuckGo became my go-to defaults for search.

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